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Brown/Red Brochure


Hi, hope you're all ok.

I'm looking for fiat red/brown brochure preferably in English but other languages would do as well.

Thanks!! :)

Bar Vitelli:
Hi, it’s great to see your Brown, I have one too!

I have the Black/Silver brochure in English but have only ever seen the Red/Brown brochure in Italian and German.  There are quite a few for sale:

Great! Thank you :) I think I've seen somewhere in english as well but I'm not 100% sure. And yes I know that you have a brown and nice 126 collection  :D :D I spoke with you once on messenger  ;D have you managed to find red rhd?

Bar Vitelli:
Thank you, if everything goes to plan I am hoping to get one later this year, until then I will have to pretend! 😉👍


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