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Need replacement cylinder head stud bolts

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Doing an engine rebuild and having issues trying to find replacement cylinder head stud bolts. I need a set of 8 total. 6 are about 167mm and 2 are about 143mm.

Anyone know where I can source these?

See originals:

I uploaded a high resolution picture here of the original ones:

Hi mrboj, they look pretty sought into ...😳 I don't know if it's an option but have you thought about cleaning them up and building the corroded area with mig weld then grinding back to shape.....I have done that in other applications ( not on a cylinder head bolt) and it worked ok....but I guess it also depends on if they are just mild steel bolts....I know some head bolts are " stretch" bolts and are one use only, can't see these been the case. A bit of work involved granted but not that out of the way. And the other more logical option would be a reputable engineering firm they would knock them up no bother...I would be interested in how you got on as I've got head gasket to do on my bis when weather picks up and could very well face the same problem as you, I'll find out when it pull it apart...good luck with it tho....look forward to seeing how you've got on....NJ

The Bis head bolt sets are very scarce and expensive when you find them.
Another solution would be to use the air cooled head bolts instead and take them to an engineering shop to have them modified to match one of your old cylinder heads bolts. Requires shortening the length and to extent the thread lengths to match the old Bis head bolts. It's an easy modification if you have threading equipment (M10 1.25 pitch), a hack saw and a file.  There's a complete set currently on Ebay

Make sure that when you use the new head bolts that they are fitted the correct way (threaded ends lengths are different)

There's a guy on ebay selling m10 X 1.25 stainless steel tie bars. They are 198mm long but could easily be cut to size and threaded accordingly. Plus they are stainless steel which is better I think from a corrosive point of view... If it turns out mine need replacing then I think that's an option I'll go for.

Don't know whether it's any help, might be worth a look.....👍

I suspect that high tensile steel are required for these bolts, not sure if stainless steel covers this?


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