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Hi everyone,

Some years back I replaced the door pins and hinges in my drivers side door to correct a fitment issue with the door itself, and it helped for a while until the door started falling again - i recently decided to take the door off to see what the matter was but annoyingly, the pins had vibrated out of place and were blocking the removal of the hinge from the A pillar!

Long story short, i had to cut the hinges up.

does anyone have two door hinges lying around? Or know of anywhere i can get some cheaper than ricambio  ;D

Thanks peeps

Do you know if they are the same hinges on fiat 500 doors?
I may be able to help if that is the case.

There's a guy on eBay stripping and selling bis parts....I just got some wheel trims from him....he might be worth a try...🤷‍♂️

Thanks for your suggestions - I honestly don't know if 500 hinges are the same ::) thankyou for the offer regardless!


I found the guy you were on about on ebay - the doors and hinges are sold  :cry:

I'll take a few measurements and see if they match.

Anther option is to try one of the facebook fiat 126 groups. Change your request to rotten door, rather than hinges and you might get a bit more luck


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