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R1 bike-engined 126 - NICE!


This looks amazing..

Here is the link..

It is registered as a 600CC Black 126. No IVA test done so, it isn't road legal as the owner claims.
Tons of work done, but no engine and mechanical pictures shown that is often worrying.

Both good points! (no engine photos, and no IVA).
I'm not keen on the rear visibiity, either - the engine has been firewalled off where the rear seat used to be, blocking all rear visibility!
OK, I understand the weight distribution is better, but I think I would rather have the engine in the engine compartment, and keep the rear view (and maybe seat).
I'm possibly missing the point here, though - it's intended as a racer, so just get an engineer's report and/or IVA, and take some photos..

Well it sold for £4900, I hope the buyer inspected the car carefully. It should be fun for hill climbs, track days. I'd be wary of an listing with no mechanical or engine shots for a car that number one selling point is the Engine swap.
Lets hope the buyer turns up

Been thinking about this: 190bhp, and it has a single transverse leaf spring on the front? Drum brakes on the back? hmm.. is Colin Furze involved?


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