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13 inch wheels

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Joe Webb:

Hey there!
My car is fanally MOT'ed and I'm just waiting for my registration

The brakes are a bit hairy though, so i wanted to fit discs.

Unfortunately i have the standard 12" rims (9 of them in fact  :cry:)

So I was wondering what rim/ tyre combo you would reccomend? Do fiat cinquecento/uno/panda alloys fit ok?

I have a 1999 elx


hello, I have Borbet A in 5.5x13, ET30, with 165/55 R13 tires.

Hi joe if you have a PDC of 4x98 then you can fit cinquecento, seicento and panda 13" wheels as a straight swap. If you want discs you can buy a special kit for 12" wheels but it's not cheap - around £500. The cheapest way would be to use a set up using seicento calipers and an adaptor plate and use 13" wheels. Brand new kits are around the £200 mark but you can do it using good second hand calipers for a heck of a lot less. I think I did mine for less than £100 and that was for drilled discs and OMP pads. Personally I think It's a well worth upgrade. :)

Joe Webb:
Ok great, i'll check my pcd after dinner

So i can save the money i spend on wheels by getting second hand callipers! Good tip!

Yeah its pretty essential for my car tbh, it tries to kill you by swerving into oncoming traffic when you brake!  :$

How much were your borbets sitzke?

There are some uno wheels i really like but i can only find 2! I'm glad for the excuse to get some mad rims actually :P
Will have quite a few 12's for sale soon!

Cheers gadge!

Joe Webb:
will these fit?
I'm happy to use spacers.
and yes, my pcd is 4x98 :)


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