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What Made You Buy a 126?

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A question for fun-

what made you buy a 126 (or makes you want one if you havent yet)

personally ive always wanted to mod one since i was a teen and only just (Job, Kids, Marriage allowing) got the time to do it now......

Chris Lakin:
thats actually a very philosophical question, in my case i gotmine from my mum, we had it for about 6 months, and the head gasket went, so it wa sin the garage for about 6 years, i had always had visions of getting it back on the road for my first car so i did. Although it has was my first car.

I think anyone who wants to buy one now, has seen a 126 owner, and has thought, style, class and character. i want to be like him/her. haha im joking. but they are truly a unique and as we all know well sort after.


Well ive allways been strangly attracted to smaller cars. I was origianly after a fiat 500 but they are just too highly priced for what they are so i turned my attention to the 126.

I like the idea of them being rare and not being able to get every single bit off the shelf (like escorts,minis etc). It forces you to use your brain a bit more when modding them and means nearly all others are going to be differant to yours. You dont see many of them around, let alone modified so it makes them quite unique. I think the more 'boxy' 80s style of the car is fashionable at the moment as alot of early 70s stuff has become to 'classic car' for my taste.

I also like their stupidly low performance which gives them great potential as a 'street sleeper' when the enevatble engine mods are done.

Basicly take the worst car i can think of and make it into somethign special :D

Chris Lakin:
Nice statment slater!


i had 2 befor and i bought them coz they were cheap to by insure tax and so made a good 1st car they never got finshed,and ended up bing sold  :roll:

what has put my back to getting one is me and my m8 have got a plan and it use's a 126 and gives us a good reson to own one
and as said above you dont see any about


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