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found a fiat 126 2day


hi guys

i drive down a road once evey now and then and see a fiat 126 sat in some ones garden
today me and my m8 (that are looking for one now) stopped and asked the bloke about it when he took as over to it, it was then we see the font axil and every thing had been taken off it and the engine was out of it.
but we can have it if we wanted it for a small price just deciding if its worth dragging it out and useing (as all bits are there) or if its far cheaper to by one of ebay thats m.o.ted and running.

shame as the body looked dam tidy

whaqt ever i do i got to get rid of my bx gti  befor i can put any thing on my nans drive  :(

if its still there when the bx gose and we can find some one with a falt bed truck then i think we shale save it  :D

Cool 8)  aircooled?

sounds exactly like what im after, wish one would turn up near me

walter cooled but even if it was aircooled the egine isn't staying  :D

still talking things over with my m8 might just save this one from the scrap yard

bx will be going on ebay next week  :cry:  

how easy is it to put the front running gear on a bis????? as i might do it there insted of making up a towing dolly

The front end is very straight forward, but it would be worth checking out why it was out in the first place. All parts are cheap, but if some of the suspension or steering is knacked then it may be cheaper to find a 126  in better condition, especially if you don't want the engine. the aircoolers disappeared either because of rust or because the engine and running gear was used for racing and 500s, but the with the BIS it was usually repeated blown head gaskets and people just gave up on them. means there are some good condition BIS out there if you don't want the engine.

the front was taken out as well as the engine as it was a doner car for a buggy or some thing

i was thinking of cutting up a old traler i have a straping it under the fiat126 and towing it like that if the bloke still has it when the bx has gone

but if one comes up near me then i will get it as it would be easyer then putting every thing back and replacing things were its been stood up


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