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Hey, ive just brought my self a little 126 (1982 model). I havent picked it up yet but i have a few Qs allredy :)

I was just wondering what wheels i can fit to it (ie what stud pattern/PCD is it)

I see lots of 126s with alloys and the such, what other cars use the same stud pattern as the 126?

any info is appreciated


slater i have 13 inch 5.5j wheels on my bis (see pic) with 175/50/13 tyres , they came from a guy who fitted them to an uno , i have also seen 126's with (new style) alloy cinquecento wheels on,  so 14 and 13" no wider than 5j (i intend lowering mine as the wheels stick out a bit with 5.5j) 175/185 tyres. if in doubt have a look at axel gerstl's website he has some alloys on his site which may give you an idea....

Chris Lakin:
Hi Stuey i have recieved you cheuqe, will send everyting o you once the stickers have arived cant wait  :lol:

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Kindest Regarda

Chris Lakin

Thanks for the replys, Ive got the car now, its all there but quite rusty in the corners of the sills and front panel. it looks ok from underneath but is going to need quite a bit of work on the body.

Are replacement body panels avalible for the 126? and where can i get them?

Atm im goin to look into re drilling the hubs to fit 4" pcd wheels (10x7" mini items maybe) not had a chance to look at the hubs yet tho so this may prove impractical and i may have to get some slot mags and redrill those to suit the 98mm pcd. All 98mm pcd wheels are utter crap as far as i can see

also thes cars need lowering, ALOT! we are talking 4" or more and im not quite sure how im going to achive that without spending lots of cash (which is out of the question)

Pics soon 8)

Try axel gerstl in Germany - they have a really good range of 126 parts.

If you buy online, don't leave a space in your postcode or it won't work (took me a while to work that out!).

Also look at

Both in Germany, much cheaper than UK suppliers for stahndard parts and very helpful via email.

There are cheaper places in italy and Holland for tuning parts though.


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