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Ive seen an ad for a fiat 126 Bis F plate 1988 plum colour 53k miles hes asking for ?625 can anyone give me some ideas of if thats a good price?
Chhers in advance

Lee :?

I would say it is a bit over priced!
There are quite a few bis models around, low mileage examples usually go from around ?300-?500.
Worth checking ebay to give you a rough estimate of the going prices!
Hope this helps :)

i would say try ebay for sure

Yep dont pay over ?350 even if its a minter!

Its only a crappy BIS anyway! get a real one :roll:

oi!!! thats not nice .... but seriously highlander dont pay over the odds i payed ?180 for mine from ebay and when i got it - it was damn tidy only 43000 mile on the clock and its an 88 too, the only way id pay that sort of money is if it had a full fiat service history and was immaculate and i mean IMMACULATE!!!!!

theres lots of them out there just look till you find the right one!


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