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don't know if anyone can help, last week four transistors on my mainboard decided to have a fry up, so i had to replace the mainboard. when i booted up, my C: drive would not log onto windows, i assume it was because the board was not from the same manufacturer. so in the end i bought a new hard drive and installed windows with sp2 and all the updates, i have it all working now and i can access the old hard drive, but i have 2 problems that i would like to sort, is it possible to retrieve emails and my address book from outlook express from my old D: drive. the files are there, and also since then when i send a shortcut to my desktop i.e. fiat126 they loose there icon and are replaced with the big E. Explorer icon. any help would be much appreciated, thanks. Pete.

Chris Lakin:
Hi peter, sorry to hear about your pc probs,

with outlook express and outlook (depedning on version), you need to go file>import/Export> select Export to a file> and select personal folder file .pst this will save it as a .pst which you can then import into your

as you dont have access to the programme you will have to do a search on that hard drive for a .pst file there should be a few. Did this somtime ago, and i think it was with outlook not outlook express.

try searching for .pst files first on that hard disk, see what that finds.



Chris Lakin:
also try this,

go onto your c: drive (local drive)

documents and settings folder > then your user name folder i.e. peter >

then Local settings (to see this folder make sure folders are not hidden, if they are make them viewable > tools > folder options > View > then tick the check box to make them viewable.)

then once in Local settings folder open the Application Data Folder > Then Microsoft folder > Then look for outlook/outlook express folder.

inside should be a large data file, if it there you need to import it into your new copy out outlook.

Hope this helps, this is how i did itfew years back



Thanks Chris i'll have ago at that tomorrow.

Hi Chris, Your a genius! all my Email addresses are are now in my new version of outlook express.  do you know if its possible to to import all of my saved messages in my old folders, Pete.


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