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How cool are 126's


paul harbinson.:
Right guys why is the wee car we all drive so cool.I love cutting through the traffic and watching the reaction of little boy racers (and smart car owners) would you spent 8grand on a two seater city car with no boot?DOH!!!!!

Chris Lakin:
Paul, how are you? yes i agree, my brother likes those smarts, and i say exactly what you have just said to him, there too expensive!!!!

the only thing about those smarts is there so fast and their saftey is suposed to be excellent.

i own a seicento and look at the state of it here.

I would have a 126 anyday, go cart steering without power steering!!!

anybody got a smart and a 126??


I had a new blue/silver smart when they fist came out, i loved it! had it for 4 years but the servicing and actual customer service was an absolute nightmare so i sold it..  sure was quick through the gears too..6 speed tiptronic..

got an audi a4 now so quite a difference in stable mates!  :lol:


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