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Chris Lakin:
People, is it possible to uprate the BIS cylinder bores and pistons to get 1000cc?? im thinking this cant be too difficult surely??, no differnt from having bore weare, and having to get oversize pistons like in the old days.

could you imagine a 1000cc though without a different engine?? would be great!



Chris, nice idea but no one does BIS performance stuff. If you ring Ricambio and speak to Felici he will answer the question, How can I make my Bis go faster?, with the answer.... wait for it... push it off a cliff!!! Honest that is what he tells anyone! Just be content with your 704cc as opposed to my 652cc!!

Chris Lakin:
hahah, thats funny!! yes your right, i think the power behind the bis is quite good really, comparing it to the 500 and 126 aircooled.

Apparently the panda 30 head and a dellorto carb add that extra BHP!



IIRC STD. overbore pistons are only avalible in very small overbores therefore unfortunatly you hardly gain anything.

I may be able to find some pistons from a differant engine that would take it bigger with modification but barrels would probably need bigger liners too so it makes it a bit pricey :?


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