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Pinion an rack steering

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Ricardo Regalo:
I guess the trick is to get the position for the brackets just right. And then do a quality weld...
Not one impossible job... But maybe I'll get someone with better skills than me, to do the welding.

Many thanks... :thumbup

Hi Ricardo
Just one more thing - the conversion is well worth the effort.
The difference in my car is like the difference between night & day.

With the steering box, the steering was vague and heavy. Now it's very light and precise.


Ricardo Regalo:
Hi, I'm definitely going for the conversion... Is just a matter of getting the time and place right. (And the guy to the the welding, eheheheh). But I already have someone in mind...  ::)

Again, thank you for the photos. Cheers!

Hallo from greece creta!
I have a 126p 1978!
This has a hanger from the factory. My point is that it constantly loses its alignment. What could be wrong? one leaflet has been cut

Are you tightening the suspension components when the vehicle is on the ground and not when on a jack?


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