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Pinion an rack steering

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Ricardo Regalo:
Hi guys,
I decided to come to the forum (with a bit of shame :$, eheheheh) for help regarding the steering upgrade from the standard steering to the pinion and rack type.
I'm sure someone else must have had this question before. Is there on the forum any tutorial/diagram on how to swap them? I bought one model from Nanni Ricambi that is supposed to be "plug and play" (so easy to change that doesn't even deserve to have written instructions).

Any help would be much appreciated. ;D

Ricardo Regalo:
Does it need the extra brackets that I see for fitting the same rack to the Fiat 500?

I've just done this conversion on my car.
You'll need a couple of these brackets which need to be welded onto the bulkhead.

these rubbers...

and these brackets

I also had to extend the steering column between the universal joints - you could buy new or cut the existing one & re-weld.
Make sure the splines on the steering column match those on the new rack.
You'll also need new track rod ends.

Ricardo Regalo:
Hi Minijohn,

thank you so much for your input.

I'm a bit pissed off at Mr. Nanni...  >:( I was made to believe that this was just a simple swap job... I feel quite gullible.

All those parts you've mentioned, are there on Nanni's website, but they appear as part of a converting kit for Fiat 500. Was there any Fiat 126 version that had this steering rack as standard? From the FDR ricambi site you sent, I got the impression that the 126 BIS had it...
Anyway this is going to be more complicated than I thought... I'm no experienced welder...  I'm not quitting on the idea, but something for a later date perhaps, (also because I have no place of my on to carry out this).

Do you happen to have any photos of your handy work, for guidance purposes...

Hi Ricardo
The 126 BIS had this kit as standard and you could get the bulkhead from one of those cars & fit it into your car.
Here's some photos - the first 2 are ones I found on the internet of the brackets in position.
The last photo is my own car
Good luck with it


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