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hi any advice or thoughts



hope you are all well

Where would be the best place to find a value for a car- is there such a place or does it just depend on what someone is willing to pay?

Basically my friend has a Fiat 500F bambina from 1966, a Fiat 126 Bis from 1989 and a Fiat Cinquecento from 1994

He may need to sell these, he does not know if to sell as a collection or individually and how to sell ie on ebay, on a specific Fiat website or a classic car website

he would like to get a rough idea of what he may be able to get for each, on ebay he spotted a classic 500 for just under £4000, a 126 bis for £1500 and a Cinquecento for about £600

any thoughts or ideas thanks

Hi there.
He should Sell individually. They are different cars and will attract different buyers. The 500 is easy enough as there are plenty for sale on ebay or car and classic. There is always some variation depending on condition. But previous sold items on ebay give a good indication of current value.
The 126 bis 's I have seen on ebay recently have gone for more than I was expecting given their condition and that's great news for anyone looking to sell particularly as there aren't many for sale at the moment.
I've not been looking at cinquecentos so I can help with that one.


thanks for your thoughts I will pass on


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