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Electric 126 on the cheap?

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Ok. This is just a thought, but:
How about converting a 126 to electric power? On the cheap.
I know it's possible by spending loads of cash - Goblin Works Garage built an electric 500.
What I'm thinking is, could we install Twizy running gear?
Pick up a cheap Twizy, strip it, install in 126.. et voila!


--- Quote ---Pick up a cheap Twizy
--- End quote ---
  :lol: Try and find one... Twizy is more than 100kg lighter and/but has a topspeed of 80 km/h  ::)

Essex 126:
Define cheap?
The most expensive part is the normally the batteries  and the voltage regulators. The common way of ev conversions is to use a forklift truck motor, so depending on range needs these can be a good start, but as normally lead acid battries can be heavy. Battery charge cycles, discharge rates and charging cycles all need smart software  too

Ricardo Regalo:
To convert my 126 to electric is something that I will definitely consider to do some time in the future. I think that some years from now road tax for internal combustion engines will be prohibitive. And I intend on driving my Maluch for many years to come, if I'm still around (knock on wood, picture me knocking on my head  :)). Ideally, I would buy another 126 to do the converting... But I don't think that's going to happen, I don't even have a place of my own to keep my actual 126

That being said, I don't really see myself engaging on such project in the next 5 to 10 years window.

However I already searched the web for readily assembled electrifying kits, that basically you just had to fit the motor to the flywheel. But these were not on the cheap side. They were somewhere between 5000 to 6000 USD (mainly american companies), and didn't included the batteries which do represent a big investment as well. I believe that, standard lead acid batteries aren't really suited for the complete discharge/charge cycles demanded from a electrical vehicle, because they won't last long on those conditions.

I guess as technology advances, batteries will get, smaller, cheaper, more reliable, and will last longer. As well, some years from now, we'll start to see more scrapped electrical cars, and then it will be cheaper to get some motor and frequency converters/voltage regulators, that we may scavenge and then fit/adapt to our pride an joy cars  ;D.

Anyway, I understand the appeal of converting to electric, and who knows, I may start that project sooner rather than latter. Maybe if I win the lottery... Then I would do it for sure.     

I like the idea of an electric vehicle, but I am also concerned about how and where we get the elements to produce all the batteries required to power them. I was disturbed to hear major battery producers are discussing how they will mine the ocean bed to get the raw materials to produce the millions of batteries required. Mining in their eyes is deep dredging, this will totally destroy the ocean bed. In Scotland some unscrupulous fishermen dredge for scallops in protected areas why ? because they have killed sea bed where they are allowed to fish, sorry dredge. I know this because I used to go diving in our beautiful lochs and have witnessed first hand the damage this dredging has caused, nothing grows or survives in these areas. So before we all jump on the electric holly grail should we not think about the consequences of our actions, after all look at the damage we are causing through fossil fuels.


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