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126P personal 4 rear lights

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Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to change the original 126P rear lights to the triangle shaped ones with the built-in reverse lights.

Can I just put the lens on, and mess around with the light bulbs and wiring or I must have to get a full tail light assembly to get it work?

Thank you.

Da Londo:
You will need the full assembly.

Thank you. :)

I hope I can still find a set of them somewhere.
Seems like everyone sells the lens only.

Bar Vitelli:
Message 1973/126 on the Forum, he had a set and may still have it if he has not sold it.  :) :thumbup

Joe Webb:
I just bought the lenses for now and I will try and jerry rig some kind of bulb holder for the existing clusters

I'll let you know how it turns out


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