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Side lights.

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Hi Guys

I purchased some led sidelights to replace the standard ones.

They are T4W as per original but do not want to work, Is there anything I can do / change to allow them to work ?



Da Londo:
I think you need an additional resistor for each led for them to work.

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Rusty's Uncle:
If you are talking sidelights then they should work. If you mean indicators then you need to fit an electronic flasher unit  :)

I had a similar situation with an old motorbike.  LEDs must have polarity applied the same way, whereas normal bulbs can accept polarity either way.  Wiring a small bridge rectifier before each bulb may solve this. Or as Rusty's Uncle says, he probably has a ton more experience than I do.

As Dan said, If you have spade connectors on the bulb holder you can just swap them round if not just cut the wires and use a terminal block to connect them.


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