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Bis fuse box and relays


Hey guys.

Would any of you lovely lads and gals that own a BIS model, post a pic of their fuse box with relays. I have some extra relays in my current bis that i cant remember were there on my old one, and have no idea what theyre for.

Thank you in advance  :)

Is this what you need?

Yaaas! Thank you! What are the ones outside the box for? My old one did not have them, this one does...

Did you find out what the 2 relays were outside the box?

This is a quote from another post,  I'm thinking maybe the relays are something to do with the cooling system modifications by Fiat on the later models?

"Having spoken to a Fiat veteran who still works in the parts department at my local Fiat dealer. He was delighted to see my Bis. He mentioned that Fiat was inundated with warranty claims re overheating from the early models. He mentioned the early 1987 watercooled versions were problematic, but were all rectified. Though he said, Fiat sorted the overheating problems from 1988 Bis models onwards"

I have attatched a pic of my fusebox and the workshop manual details from an early revision I guess, which excludes the 2 additional relays.

Talking of relays.....anyone know where I can get /or what type the intermittent wiper relay is ....thanks..


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