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Barchetta 595 - Fiat 126 based Kit Car.

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Hi All! I'm new to the forum and have always been a fan of the 126. I had one for my very first car at 17 and loved it ever since! I have noticed a few posts from the past regarding the Barchetta 595. Appeared in the which kit? magazine in December 1993. As a few of you are aware, the original moulds were made by the DOVE company in Norfolk and enjoyed a limited run from December 1993 to 1995, then promptly disappeared. I understand these moulds changed hands several times over the years but were never used and always remained in the UK. After a very long time searching and chasing individuals from across the UK, I managed to track down these originals at the bubble car museum in Lincolnshire. The original moulds and car was never designed to have opening doors. These came about after someone purchased a body and modified it to have doors and then made a mould from that. They are not factory moulds but a facsimile of the original car and as such, suffered serious structural issues and required heavy reinforcement. I am also aware that bodies have been offered in Malta and around Europe that were also copies made from a body shipped to the relevant people. Everyone who purchased a copy version of the kit would have certainly had fitting issues with almost every aspect of the build and as such, these producers stopped offering the bodies in the wake of a long line of disgruntled European buyer/builders. Well. The good news is.... Not only was I able to track these original blue factory made moulds down.... I was also able to purchase them! I have owned these moulds for about a year and due to other commitments, I was unable to do anything with them at the time. I can tell you however, I have now produced a full kit from these very complex moulds (the first since 1995!), and will be offering people the opportunity to purchase the real thing. The bonnet and boot are so exact, the will fit the original fiat 500. The lights are directly from a fiat 500 and there are several companies on the net offering original lighting for £169. That includes front and rear lights, chrome surrounds and wiring loom. To build a car, all you would need is a cut down 126, the ability to reinforce the floor pan, fabricated roll over hoops and good attention to detail. The kit includes all panels. Shell, Floorpan (bonds directly to the 126 floorpan), bonnet, middle boot lid, rear engine cover/boot and fully moulded untrimed seats. Everything else will come directly from the fiat 126.  The donor car must be aged between 1976 to 1987. It will fit later vehicles with some modification. total vehicle weight would be around 470kg depending on extras a builder may add. an original vehicle can be found on you tube by searching 'barchetta 595'. I am more than happy to answer any questions by any interested parties. More information and my contact details can be found on my website www.595s.org

Just of note, I am also tinkering with the idea of a trip to Poland as a friend of mine tells me there are a glut of 126s out there and can be acquired cheaply. I would only be worth it to bring back several at once on an articulated vehicle transporter. It is possible to get 16 vehicles on one double deck articulated trailer with the vehicles driven on in line and side by side on both decks. Anyone interested in this, please contact me through my website.

Kind regards, to you all! Mark Hill.    ;D

The new body fresh from the  mould.

   Hi Mark,
   You & your Barchetta 595 - Fiat based kit car would be most welcome to join us at
   the N.M.C.Rally in September to show us your kit car shell etc.
   We know pete126, The information is on this forum. To see full details of what we are about also look up N.M.C.R. website.

 I Look forward to hearing from you .
. Regards
Gren. NMCR Administrator.

Thank you Gren! I would be very interested in attending. I have posted a few detailed items regarding the build of the kit on some of the other forums on this site. Thank you again for the invite! Marky

I've done a very limited bit of research on this, but I can't find anything on the web in the past year or so...

Is this project still alive? Anyone got any news?


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