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Bar Vitelli:
I'm determined to get some pictures posted on the forum this year but not being a techy I can't figure out how to do it. My laptop is a work one so won't let me so I only have an iPad. Is anyone able to post some easy to follow step by step instructions of what I need to do? It would be much appreciated.  ;)

Just to bump this and add another relevant question, I'm trying to resize a load of pics to get within the 700x700 pixel /250mb limits but finding it difficult to find an app to do this. Anybody any advice? Using a Samsung tablet running Android here. Never had this problem with my old computers,  maybe something relevant isn't supplied anymore  ???

 ;D Garry I think I've got this beat, downloaded a separate app just that let me shrink the photos.  Just typed Resize Photos into Google Play (you'd be using iTunes) and run the photos through it and saved in a new folder. Then went to my profile,  clicked on garage, my vehicle, clicked on  the profile I already had for the car then clicked on Edit vehicle.  Theres a tab for adding photos from there to your garage. Hope that helps a bit.


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