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Hi all!


:D  Hi, new to the site, great to see one like this! I have a 1987 aircooled 126, in blue, has alloys, clear lamps, full sunroof and some Polish tat... mudflaps and engine vent snow covers! Owned it since 1999 and love it to bits.

Chris Lakin:
HI there, thanks for signing up to the club forum  :lol:

Chris Lakin

:D Cheque in the post for membership Chris!

welcome to the site

when are we going to see some pics of the beast then  :D


Chris Lakin:
thanks fiat fsm you will be one of the last who recieves a free tshirt, thers only a couple left now, but i will be getting badges made up which can be nicely stitched onto the clothing.



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