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Another bike engined project bites the dust :(

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I know I get on my soap box when it comes to bike engined 126's and this is why

This car was driven to its current location where it's engine and box was pulled out in preperation for a bike engine transplant, Only (and to no surprise!  :o) for the project to not materialise further than that and now an engineless 126 is now up for grabs. This cars fate is now probably sealed as who chuff is going to put this car back on the road. I can only hope someone will - or at least use the parts to help keep another on the road but I fear that it'll end up on the scrap heap...... Like so many others :(

I'm keeping an eye on that one as a spares car and have plans for the shell when finished.
Sorry if that upsets anyone :$

No at least some good might come of it. I'm just hoping that if it doesn't sell the owner may just take it down the scrap yard and be done with it

If anyone does fancy buying my engine to slam in it I may consider once I've done mine?!

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At least the rolling shell looks to be sound and in good cosmetic condition. I once answered an advert for 126 parts  from a guy who wanted the "personal" registration. In fact, it wasn't personal at all, it was some combination that included "K9" and he wanted to transfer it from the 126 to his new car 'for his dog'. But in order to do this, he had (at the time, I don't know if it's different now) to prove to DVLA that the original car was either permanently exported or permanently scrapped. So he took out all the trim and interior - literally, EVERYTHING, hence the advert for spares. And then he cut the shell up into about 5 or 6 sections with an angle grinder. I arrived at his house (in St Asaph) to find a skip in the front drive with all these parts of 126 body shell in it, like some grotesque giant Rubiks cube. It was clear the car had been in fine condition, and it was quite sickening, to see such wanton vandalism all just to get a pathetic novelty registration. There are some sad people out there...

However, remember that as these people scrap perfectly good cars, the rarity of those that are left goes up, and so does their value. I had to scrap my little Giardiniera in 1987 due to moving house, and the car was so rusty it couldn't be moved without it falling apart. Today a Giardiniera in good condition is worth over £10,000. This will come for the 126 in time, too.


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