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anyone bored...

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..and fancy playing with photoshop?

I've never been good at modifying pictures, so will put it out here and hope somebody might help  ;D

Can somebody try colouring my wheels white and then dark grey please? I fancy painting the wheels when I get them refurbished at some point, prob next year tbh, but not sure which to go for,

This is the best side on(ish) pic of my car...

1003302_549024341799586_1752743627_n by SpokoPies, on Flickr

Thanks for any help guys  :thumbup

I dont do photoshop, but, I love the color on your car! Can you tell me anything about it? Im thinking about painting my 126 a candy apple red similar to the 2012 Alfa Romeo 4c with a tan and brown interior.

Kudos, that would look great, hope you get photos up when you're done  8) I didn't actually do the paint on my car but i'm told by the previous owner that commissioned the job that it's a Kawasaki colour. An experienced Kawasaki dealer might be able to come up with the colour code , they might even still even do bikes in that colour, might be worth taking a spin down to your local dealers and see if they have anything in it in stock, give you a good look at it first hand to make sure you really like it before spending the dough (tho i've no regrets  :D loving the colour myself too) It took a few coats of silver down before the red went on in order to give it that deep metallic effect, so a lot of paint and layers in general. I'm sure it cost him big, glad I didn't have to foot the whole bill, lol

if no-body has done it by this weekend I will give it a go, not been in my image editing state of mind for a while but I practically live on my pc ha!

Also I hear Pete is a wizkid with photos! maybe he can help?

Its going be be a long while until I can do the body work and paint.. Im waiting until I get back to the U.S. so I know it will be done right. I dont really trust the quality of the Italian paint shop on the island. Even if I found a good place, it would cost more than the car is worth! Im going to look into the Kawasaki paints though!


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