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lets see sum of your 126s with or without extra mods :)

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hi guys i seen a few pics on profiles and stuff i think its about time i see a few of your cars!!!

all extra mods and from all angles

thanks neil

pics in the avatar mods are as follows-

Chrome finish Magnesium wheels with 175/50/13 tyres
de-locked and de handled doors and bootlid with soleniod openers
removed all trim and welded up holes (including scuttle vents)
chrome early model bumpers (its an 88 ) with side mounts for plastic bumpers removed and welded up
translucent lights all round (indicators, sides and rears)
relocated number plate with hidden mount and cathode tube number plate light hidden inside mount (cant really explain but it works....
removed reversing and fog light (replaced with smaller items..)
f1 style door mirrors (not on pic)
bee sting aerial
400w amp with 6x9s and a 8" sony sub in parcel shelf

lowering  (approx 60mm)
remote operation for the soleniod doors
a new paint job
new head unit and frobnt speakers
and something mega cool that im not talking about cos its a secret.... (!)
a new engine at some point or a turbo.......not sure yet


sounds good mate u got the pics too go with that?

im sure theres a few more pepes out there wanna show a few pics of there pride and joys :)


- what im aiming for 8)

all i have at the moment is a rusty shell and a box of bits :D

you and me both that is well nice i think i would paint it a diffrent colour thoe :P

im sure a few more of you out there have got sum pics of your fiats :)


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