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Back road driving


Always wanted to make a vid of driving around and so i did yesterday. Went from my town to the next village where the road  quality is ok. Nothing spectacular as it is winter after all, just though i'd give some inspiration to other 126 owners to take their car out for a spin :) The 126 likes twisty roads and these back roads are perfect as there's minimal traffic. I made three vids so if there's any demand for the other two i'll upload them as well. Near the end of this vid i floored it and it went well (though it was a bit windy).

Very nice. Good engine sounds.

Took mine out for a little jaunt through the Leicestershire lanes yesterday..............via two pubs...ahem :oops:

Thanks, i was able to secure the digital camera on top of the ashtray so i was satisfied with the picture. I've still got around 16mins of footage but it takes ages for me to upload onto youtube, so maybe when i have more time...

Engine sounds really sweet :) But where's all the Traffic </*


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