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Ive got a 126 bis sitting on mag alloys on 175/50/13 tyres (see avatar)and I want to lower it thoughts and idea and reccomended places to buy the bits?  :?:

Chris Lakin:
Hi stuart you could try ricambio send them an email, see what they say remember you get 10% off ;)

I got your payment ok Stuey, nice to see a pic of your car too.

Chris Lakin

thanks chris ill give them a go.. glad you like the car lots to do yet but its getting there...

anyone tried the road sets (springs/shocks) from 500sport or 500mania? i think they are both the same. Just wondered how hard they are... are they going to ruin the ride?


paul do they have a website/ phone numebr? ill give them a call to find out..


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