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Can you help Roobeh?


Can you try to "magicaly" apply with photoshop some "stickers" like CASTROL, OLIO or other fiats brands onto my fiat described in resto section? Should I make you a pictures of these stickers? Can you do that at all?

I am thinking to get it sticked but I am not sure as I didn't really expected it will look so nice in this two tone colour.....

Ok, where is Roobeh? Is he fine? Long time no see :( and would have a couple of questions....

do you still want this done? will be happy to oblige :)

Rusty's Uncle:
Hi are you talking stickers or transfers here as I have a small project in mind  [-/

Roobeh, car is far gone but something special should come over very soon. If i will get you pgotos - can you use your imagination??  [-/


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