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low cost vehicle tracker system

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I was thinking about making a vehicle tracker system to fit to my fiat ( i'm a bit paranoid now after it got nicked!)
I came across this site which i think is a brilliant idea for a low cost tracker and very easy to make

sounds like a good idea, we've all got a spare mobile somewhere :)

worst case, a new nokia mobile (nokia have the best ariels apparently) will set you back between £10-20 from tesco. A car charger no more than a fiver from a market or ebay.

I will be fitting this to my 500 once it returns. the next plan is to see if i can modify the phone to call my phone if the car is taken without my consent. This will let me know instantly if it has been stolen so i should stand a better chance of finding it.

I'm working on a few security systems at the moment. I plan on trialing them on my car and giving a write up on each. My view is that an off the shelf car alarm is a risk because anyone can access its wiring diagram off the net.However, if the alarm is modified it will be speceific to the car and will be much more difficult to overcome regardless of its quality. I wont have the car back till next saturday so it will be alittle while before i can give an update, but i plan on giving as much info as i can on any systems i use and how they can be modified.

The main thing to note here is that my car was not stolen for resale. it was stolen by a 15 year old because it was easy to break inot and get started. I was lucky that the damage was minimal.

I would like to help anyone prevent this from happening to them. It was the worst feeling i have had to wake up and realise someone had taken my car.


Saw these on flea bay, kinda the same as the nokia phone tracker idea, but better thought out, longer battery life and connects to googlemaps like the way your iphone GPS does when on the move...

Question is where would be a good place to hide one in a 126??

That's very clever  [-/
Under the bonnet would probably do just fine


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