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Any easy method of getting a front brake disk up set up for a 500? :?:

You can by a complete set of diskbreaks for a Fiat 500 for 220 E at this link.   Click on Breaks

There is a photo of what you get...

Nice piece of kit although a bit expensive!
I did hear that someone had done the mod with 850 components not sure what model though or any problems with the conversion??

Hmmmmmmmm, I don't find this expensive at all.
If you by a complete set of calibre and discs and brake shoes for any other car's you'll find out that in some cases it is even more expensive.
Then you got to have in mind that this is not standard Fiat 500 parts but special handmade racing parts.
Many Tuning and racing parts for Fiat 500, 600 and 850 are at the price level as formel 1 parts because they not are in production any longer and are an especially handmade part.

Anyway... The 850 disks are mostly used on a Fiat 600, because they fit directly on the 2 bolts. I never seen 850 brake parts on a Fiat 500.

Normally on the Fiat 500 one has to use the spindle from a Fiat 126 with 3 bolts instead of only 2 on original Fiat 500 for mounting the adapter plate for the brake calibre.
The disk and the calibre are normally taken from Fiat Uno. but one has to resize the disk seize for fitting inside the 12" wheels.

It's quite complicated to make this kit from scrap parts, and I do think that the time one has to spend on doing so is more worth than 220 ?

i have a 126 and an uno that i am going to scrap, if i was to purchase the mounting plates and resized discs from 500sport would my front discs bolt straight on??  Thanks neal


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