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panda 30 engine parts
« on: April 27, 2007, 08:35:12 AM »
we all know of the possible benifits of the twin port head when fitted with correct cam/carb/exhaust etc,but did fiat do anything else to the panda motor to get the reputed 30bhp??? im thinking of people on a tight budget here,for example,is the cam etc different ???,fly wheel? does the dizzy have a better advance curve?? just a thought........ it would be nice to up grade a 650 126 reliably to 30 solid bhp just using refurbed panda parts would'nt it?:cool:

the reason i ask is that i noticed when looking for P 30 valve stem seals,that gerstl for example does not list the 30 as a cross over for parts in the spares lists,but the bis is,so one assumes that there are differences?  :?:
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