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missed out


hi there i was looking througth the website and came across a car forsale in workshop section of the forum that had already been sold. is they any way that future post that has been put in the wrong section can be relocated in the correct catogory?

i dont mean to sound like a winger  but i look in the forsale section all the time for a little fiat :)

thanks for yout time


Yeh the Admin/Moderators should be able to do it (i hope!)

Chris Lakin:
HI there yes i can change that, i didnt know where it was. That is a niggly and anoying problem i agree. On the main website, we are going to exten the section calld adverts. With more items/parts for sale and more cars for sale in there. So keep an eye out on that page.

I will look into what you have said about the forsale in the wrong section of the forum.




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