Author Topic: rear inner wing corrosion  (Read 996 times)

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rear inner wing corrosion
« on: September 16, 2006, 04:50:56 PM »
hi all,thought id pass on a tip......on the a/c the rear air intakes have a foam surround on the inner edge..........this traps water and can start the inner panel rotting,also,water can drip down and get between the wing and inner wing....i've binned mine,and,with the rear lights also removed,have filled the hole area with waxoil,i thinned it down so it would seep in the joint of inner/outer wing,there is a drain hole at the rear most end of this cavity,below the light assembly to take away the water that would get in thro the vents,also,now my motor is now drawing air thro the whole thinking of putting the rocker cover breather pipe into these panels as well,nice warm oily air blasted thro them!!!!
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