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Oil sump removal...


Hello, and I need some help with removing the oil sump. Reason being that I snapped a bolt on that oil impeller cover, which I'm unable to remove and might have to drill it out now (I sure am a magnet for worst case situations lol) Anyways, I got all the bolts off the sump but it just won't budge. Tried to break the seal with a thin knife in various places - nothing. Do I have to take the impeller off to release the sump? Any suggestions and tips that could help here? By the way I'm trying to do this engine in. I just can't be bothered taking it out again

Its a BIS right? You have to take the water pump impeller off yes. Its what keeping the drive shaft for the water pump / oil pump in place.

The sealing for the impeller is some carbon stuff, so it breaks real easy and its pretty expensive. You might be best of ordering a kit. The impeller might require some force to be removed from the shaft.

Thanks for your help! Yes, it's a Bis. Now do I need a special kind of socket to get that nut off the 'peller? The nut has little metal things on both sides and none of my sockets fit on it. On second look, it looks like it could be a special kind of washer with lugs that are pressed against the nut sides? Do I need to bend these down somehow?

By the sound of it it must be a locking washer, the tabs are there to prevent the nut from loosening....just bend them flat which will allow the nut to be undone....?

It shouldnt be a nut but an socket head bolt like in the kit here

Could you post a photo?


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