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White smoke

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Hi. Yesterday I went out in my Bis but I was a bit hesitant because it didn't feel like it was running A1 but I thought it could do with a good run plus it needed the fuel topping up (it was half full). Driving around for about 3-4 miles and there was a rattling noise from the engine bay (thought it might have been my wheel lock which was in the boot) so I stopped and moved the w/lock. I drove the a few more miles and then my car turned into the worst James Bond car :P

Looks like a cylinder head gasket issue? Have you checked the coolant level?

I think right

but I think there is a foreign object in the tank. I tried to remove it but it just went back down the pipe >:(

Cheers Chris
I will strip down the head but I will be honest I haven't got a clue what to do. :$
This car has given me the run around ever since I bought it. I would love to join with the meet ups but I just get too nervous because I can't trust it.
I am going to take this opportunity to strip down the carb because I am not sure the float is any good either.

Like Chris said, it looks like a head gasket job.

The foreign object looks like coolant level sensor float. They can pop off the sensor body so you wont get a Dash warning light come up when your coolant is low. It simply clips back on. To determine if it is, you can remove the side louvre, you can twist/pull the sensor out, although you may have to drain the coolant system and remove the coolant tank. That said, if the head gaskets gone the system has to be drained anyway.

You can find a picture of the sensor here..

The Forum search feature is very helpful as well.


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