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Wanted: 126 bis accelerator cable bracket

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Hi, does anyone have an accelerator cable bracket for a bis,?
It is the bracket near the carb where the cable outer clips on to.


I can take some measurements if you want to make one. Shouldnt be that difficult

That would be great, thank you!
Am I right in thinking it mounts onto the cylinder head where the exhaust is bolted on?

I think the cable in my car is sitting at the right height vertically, but I don't know how long the bracket should be, that would be a big help.



Michael what make carburettor do you have fitted to your Bis? There maybe variations in the design of the bracket for different carbs?

Thanks Guys, I found the bracket!
It was in the front luggage compartment!

I picked up the car at the weekend, a number of parts have been stripped off of it. I'm not familiar with the bis engine so I didn't recognise the bracket at first, but the technical download section helped me to identify it.

Incidentally its a weber 30 DGF. The top thread for the airbox mount is badly damaged, but I'm awaiting a couple of scrap/spares 30DGF bis carbs, so I should be able to make it right.

I will have to start a restoration page on the car. Lots of rust, but very low mileage.....


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