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Any ideas guys.....I'm having problems with starting my bis, it is mainly when it is cold or being stood, even for a day. I have replaced the tank as it was rusting inside due to it being stood for a good while before I bought it....I have put an inline filter on the intake side of the pump, after it was stood for a while the fuel filter would empty as if the fuel had drained back into the took a while to get it started until fuel got to the pump/carb.

Problem now is.....fuel filter remaining full but will it hell start unless I take off the return pipe and sort of vent the pump, it's as if it's air locking. Once fuel spurts out of return on pump it starts to fire, I then stick the pipe on and she's away. Tried today and despite the fuel coming out of pump return it will not fire up...I haven't checked to see if the pipe from the pump to the carb is airlocked.... it's started to pee it down...😳 thing is before I changed the tank it fired up every time, despite the then inline filter being contaminated with rust sediment hence the tank change!! Can't understand why it's now playing up.....I also can't understand why the pump seems to be airlocking.....I have a new pump.....would it be worth trying that ....thanks....😉

Just a couple of thoughts ...
Take the inline filter off just to make sure it's not faulty.
Try starting it with the fuel cap off. I wonder if the tank with the fuel cap on is creating a vacuum and pulling the fuel back?

Thanks Abarth.....I'll give that a try.....see how it goes.....👍

Like Abarth sais about the vacuum, it could be the tank vent valve,

Thanks for the now leaning towards the ignition side of things....🙄 It's becoming problematic to start even when it's's had an electronic ignition fitted using the standard coil....but it seems that the spark is very weak, I mean my lawnmower generates a better spark than the I'm wondering if the coil is failing....I went out in it yesterday and it's runs pretty well, a bit of a misfire and hesitant at times, tappers need setting! But is very reluctant to start....even when I'm wondering as it's been stood for a while if things are just starting to give up three ghost....😳


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