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Goat Girl:
Hi,  my little BIS has passed its MOT today no problems but I was advised to get new back tyres as they are quite perished.  The fronts are legal but probably should be changed also.  The problem I have is finding new tyres. I have 135/7013 tyres on her and would like to keep the same but they can only get the next size which is 145s.  Can anyone help or recommend other sizes pretty please???


Goat Girl:
Thanks, I could see a set of 4 on ebay, Pirelli ones.  Would the Hankook be as good?  They would work out a little cheaper as the postage is included.

It all depends the Hankook tyres are a good brand with good reviews and they are summer tyres, so not so good for winter driving. Do you use your 126 during the winter? Not sure on the Pirelli tyres without knowing what type of Pirelli tyres they are?

Goat Girl:
Hi, I only driver her in the summer  when there is no chance of puddles!  Rest of the time she is in our garage undercover.

The tyres on ebay are listed as

'Set Of Four 4 Uniroyal Rallye 135 70 R13 NOS OEM Tyres'.  My tyre fitter ask me to check the age of them first.


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