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Window Winder
« on: August 13, 2020, 09:10:57 AM »
Good morning,

My drivers side window winder frayed and got tangled up. I have a new replacement from Ricambio which I tried to fit last night.

Apparently they are suitable for either side of the car but when I try to wind the window down the bottom half of the cable (near door bottom) goes slack and doesn't engage on the pulley correctly. I left the retaining clip on until the last moment but when I took it off I cannot tension the cable its like its just too long? If I wind the window up it jams and I can see that the cables are actually pulling against each other in this position rather than winding / unwinding from the pulley.

Do I need to remove the whole lot from the door and re wind the pulley the other way before fitting to this side of the car? The cable is also rubbing the metal surround of the pulley in this position and looks like if left to do so it would just tear itself to pieces again.



Once I paid attention to the cable routing diagram in the workshop manual all became clear. You have to route it correctly (surprise!), I had the cable 180 deg out so it wasn't crossing over itself. Now it is tensioned correctly and operating as it should!! Happy Days
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