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Vintage Voltage Electric 500 Conversion

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Quest TV this Thursday @ 21.00
A mother and son enlist the help of Moggy to revamp their Fiat 500. The team will need to be creative to find space for electric components in this tiny city car.

Now in the calendar.

Thanks Pete  :good:

Not a bad watch, missed the beginning. Thought the mechanic might have treated the holes he drilled in the bodywork though. Checked out their site, conversions start at 20k  :o Nice if you can afford  it. Pro's for me would be the noise and keeping up with traffic.

I bet Ricambio made a killing on reselling the engine after buying it for £1200 with its Panda Head, Twin Dellorto, Sports Exhaust and what ever mods internally. With the conversion costing £17,000 that's allot of petrol and your not limited to 60 miles range, when you think about it that's just 30 miles radius from home and to me it becomes an expensive Toy

There's a detailed post on Pistonheads from someone with a 500 conversion from these guys. The 500 is a car that he restored for his wife as a big birthday present, but has been fairly unreliable and she worried about driving it. Since the conversion they are a huge amount happier - they have other vehicles for longer trips, but this one is now something they trust and use and enjoy locally. It's not for everyone, but that's true of pretty much any car you name.


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