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aircooled engine and other bits
« on: August 14, 2019, 03:56:41 PM »
hi... been going through the garage and have the following spares I accumulated during the period I had an aircooled 126 (it succumbed to rust eventually). It was always fun to drive, even when first gear stripped and I used it in three speed mode for months!

Rebuilt aircooled 650cc engine:

stripped/cleaned/inspected with new main and rod bearings, honed barrels and new rings, reground valves to head, new timing chain and gears, repainted rocker cover and sump, new gaskets etc. PS if your timing wanders when setting the timing with a timing light, you need to replace the timing chain...mine ran until the cogs on the crank were completely worn away and the timing slipped !). Engine should be ready to run, just needs ancillaries bolting on and fluids added.

throttle cable
corrugated rubber pipe connection between the engine shrouds and the internal heating pipework
air filter
engine mount rubbers (rear mount)
rear engine mount brackets and spring
throttle pedal (i think this is left hand drive as I bought it from abroad and never got around to fitting it!)
gaskets: exhaust, timing case, rocker, oil spinner, carb manifold (looks like a bigger carb than my engine had...)
various o rings and pushrod seals etc.

2 carburettors, one has a broken choke cable fitting, the other is fine
2 plastic pipes and first rubber pipe from carb to air filter housing
plastic heat resistant block between carb and head
2 exhaust manifolds
engine earth strap
2 used barrels

I thought I'd post here before ebay, I'm located in South Wales. Most stuff can be posted but the engine is collection only due to its weight I think... can send photos of the stuff if required.
Thanks for looking...