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Not a part of the forum I often find myself in.

Does anyone have a Panda 30 head that they are willing to sell for a reasonable price?
I know they are hard to find but it’s easier that Italy

Off to Italian Ebay to try to communicate with the always unhelpful Italians.
Then pay astronomical postage prices.

Rusty's Uncle:
I spoke to a gay about 4 weeks ago who reckoned his mate had one and would sell it for £500. Axel Gerstal list reconditioned ones at €760 but they always seem to be out of stock. I was told that there is a racing formula in Germany that permit them which has led to many of the spare ones being mopped up around Europe. They are a shortage item, I am down to my last two  :o

Hi. I would suggest that it could be easier and technically better to modify a standard head like this:


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