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Too much for a noob?

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Hi guys. I've been browsing the old eBay today and came across this...

Looking for some input from the experts. Do you think this will be too much for a novice to take on? I've asked for more photographs but he has none, documents are available for it. Main thing im worried about is that it will need extensive welding.

From the pics I can see it needs a new front panel and bumpers all round. I would strip this back fully to get a full respray as that green doesn't look to appealing

Any advice or thoughts?



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It looks like a Frankenstein of a car. The front panel will def. need to be replaced, other than that i dont see any serious rust on the pictures. MY recomendation is to find a complete car then strip it down, this thing looks like it needs quite a few parts…

I’m sure this has been on eBay a few times about a year 18 months ago with the same photos, if you can’t go and inspect it I would give it a miss, it’s along way from Scotland 😀 Keep searching for one locally that you can check out before you buy

Okay noted guys. The wee car looks so sad sitting there with one eye I did get a response from the seller...

Not registered in the uk ,as I can see she 60% ok will need checking over fully body panel are very cheap in fact everything on this car is very cheap these where made up to 2001 in Poland 
I would not buy any parts in the uk or in Italy for this cars, here they rip people off !
Poland is the best and cheapest and experts on these cars I have new fuel tank to go with this car and timing chain kit and a sports exhaust

Think I'll play the waiting game, found one in the Highlands too but needs major welding. Failed MOT on structural corrosion on all of the suspension mounts. The hunt continues

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Good luck!  ;)


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