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BLITZ BUGGY single seat off roader


Rusty's Uncle:
I have a classic BLITZ BUGGY for sale. It needs a tiny amount of work and I have too many projects. I bought it without an engine and gearbox with the intention of getting it running then selling. So I did a crankcase up rebuild on a 650 engine and a total gearbox rebuild now all fitted with a new clutch. Can be seen running. Health issues stopped me in my tracks putting me about a year behind in all my projects. Asking £1200 for this piece of Fiat/Blitz history. Contact me for details & pics.

 Ah Dave I was hopping you'll turn up to the next 126 meet in the Blitz. Hope the health issues improve and good luck with the sale.  :thumbup

Bar Vitelli:
I agree with Ladislav, the Blitz needs a run out before it gets sold! 😉


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