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Hi from france/ 595 barchetta moulds


hi, thanks for letting me in your group. i live in france and have found some moulds made by the Dove company for a 126 converted into a fiat 500 style sports car.
i believe they were made for Peter Stevens the car designer and may have been marketed as simpatico. not many were made i think as it was a very expensive bodyshell.
i bought these moulds blind, and when they arrived i was suprised how many parts and how well made the moulds were. there are even moulds for windscreen stays, hinges, seat, to name a few.
i wrote to Peter about them, and he replied on a sunday! what a gent. he was going to speak to other members of the dove company to find me some information and maybe and old build manual.
if anyone on here knows or maybe has a 595 barchetta who could share information as i may have bitten off more than i can chew.

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