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Uxbridge Autoshow

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Chris Lakin:
Uxbridge was a success, we are slowly getting more members bring out their cars!  :lol:


A big thanks to Barry and Jenifer, John, Mick, Michael :D

each year from now we aim to double the amount of members at the show.



thanks to chris for organising the meet up, brilliant show, great weather, good to meet dajwid too :D thanks to all those members who brought their cars, 5 126s and a 500.... the other 65 odd members obviously are too shy or dont like having fun :P

Chris Lakin:
hi barry, forgot to mention Dajwid, was great to put a face to him!

we are aiming for double again next year so 12, 126's



Chris Lakin:

pics taken by Barry

Great to see everyone. Had a great time, shame a few more members couldn't make it, maybe next year.

The Computer controlled Bis with large screen GPS was a real show stopper :lol:

Will get the bits I promised and bring them over end of August.


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