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2 very cool Fiats and a Bugatti


Saw these whilst working on the Mille Miglia, 750 was a competitor while the 600 was a bike engined hill climb special tagging along, thought you might like

Wouldn't mind both tbh!

This is the car we supported, a 1920 Bugatti Type 23, 100% original body and mechanicals all original apart from consumable items like brake linings / bearings etc. 1500cc 4cylinder 16v twin spark...... circa 70hp not bad for 99 year old car. We blagged a Maserati Levante as our support vehicle which was pretty epic too and bloody fast!

Why is it some of these 126 projects look like something straight out of Mad Max!?

Cos da pills ain't cheap these days... :$

I have not seen the red Abarth above before. What is it? Is the car based on a Fiat 600D/850?

One of the co-productions Zagatto Abarth.


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