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126 'Abarth' on Ebay

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All, this one has been on Ebay for a while. I like the colorway, and on the face of it the car looks decent.

But is it a genuine Abarth or just got fancy stickers on it? If it's not an Abarth, is the price right?

Fiat never sold an "Abarth" 126 so it's just a rep, especially since it's a BIS and there's barely any performance mods you can do to them as the engines tend to be fairly weak, I'd personally say it's a bit high for a BIS, but it is a low mileage car (if that mileage is genuine!) Doesn't mean it's safe from all those BIS headgasket issues  ;)

I also don't see why it's advertised as "Original Unmolested" When it's got Cinquecento sporting alloys on, the parcel shelf butchered to F*** to fit those speakers, a none standard headunit and none standard stickers but heyho- I'd probably steer clear because it'll no doubt need a rebuild after standing for alot of it's life and that's not a cheap endeavour and can be a massive headache!

Rusty's Uncle:
If that is an Abarth then my daughter has got an Abarth Panda 4x4 as it has had the same stickers stuck on it  :D

Thanks for the replies.

It's a bit far from me to warrant a journey to check it over, particularly if it's just got 'go faster' stripes.

It does look like a decent BIS specimen, i really like the vynil seats (i want those for my project) but it is no abarth. There were non made and the engine barely keeps itself together, let alone being tuned lol...


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