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Fiat 500 and 126 roll roof for sale


Currently looking at the vinyl roof for sale on eBay (march 15th onwards ) was in contact with the seller ref questions that I had regarding condition and what was included ,all to which the seller replied promptly, So I decided I'd go see the roof before parting with money and sent the seller a request for him to confirm that I could turn up and inspect the roof first , then all contact from the seller stopped ,It's been a week and still not replied to my 2 requests to come look at it first ,It's still up for sale , but don't understand why the seller doesn't want me to view before parting with cash ,so if anyone else out there is also interested in this (16 watchers) then may be ask to see the item first ,even if you can't due to distance just to see if you get blanked too
Could be completely innocent but It has put doubts in my mind and im not prepared to pay for something that i can't view in advance
Proceed with caution

Rusty's Uncle:
If it is just the roof roll I think I have a couple of new ones up in my loft. How much is this guy asking?

In his reply to me he stated that it was complete Inc frame that fits in roof ,so I understood that to be all I need to convert my current steel room to one with a manual  vinyl roof and hes asking £220 or best offer

Rusty's Uncle:
Yes I have seen the item on ebay. I think I would want to see it before I committed myself to it.


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