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Xmas 126! 😍

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Bar Vitelli:
I know we’ve not had a Xmas 126 party this year but in case any of you guys are still wondering what to get me, this would be it...

Haha, £1000 blimey, i mean its a nice model and all but £1000!!! You could get a real 126 for that money easily.

Bar Vitelli:
Not bad though when you consider that its tax and MOT exempt and relatively rust proof!  ;)

I actually saw this some time ago. I sent an email to DeAgostini querying whether they intend to sell this kit in the UK. Sadly, they have no plans.

I suppose once you've finished paying for the subscription for this kit, which I think will take about 2 years or so to complete, it might add up to a fair sum.

I too want this for X'mas!

Another supplier is doing the Bismarck model (3+ metres in length!). I reckon, it would cost £2K (2years) :o. It is soooooo tempting though.

DeAgostini promo. on Youtube. I love it.


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